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Our Services

We offer numerous services to our customers as well as partner with industry leaders to provide our clients with everything to meet their needs at any stage of growth. 


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The "tone at the top" is just as important today, as it has ever been. By outsourcing the CEO or CFO position, companies can focus on solving challenges, rather than hiring an executive position that does not align with the company's vision.


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Interpreting accounting results can be hard work. Harper Lawrence understands that no two businesses are the same, and financial statements can vary by industry. HLF can help businesses understand the difference between book and tax financials, and help them navigate the use of both types of documents. This delineation can mean the difference between bank funding, proper tax reporting, and gaining new partners into an existing business.


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Ensuring the proper allocation of financial resources can make or break a company. Understanding whether excess cash should be used to purchase additional assets, provide employee raises, or be reinvested into the company can be tough decisions to make. Let HLF help you.


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Harper Lawrence Financial works with amazing tax professionals to ensure that you don't have to buy more taxes than your company should, or be worried to receive an unexpected tax bill in the mail.


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Harper Lawrence Financial has a team of certified nonprofit accounting professionals who understand nonprofit accounting and operation demands. HLF will help you with your grant tracking, day-to-day accounting, single audits, external audits, board reports, and so much more! We believe that nonprofits should be solely on their mission without worrying about their back office. Your time is precious, and the communities that you serve need and deserve your full attention at all times.


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Harper Lawrence Financial can help your business with anything that it needs. Whether a company has a one-time project that needs managing, or someone to handle the day-to-day accounting for the organization, let HLF help. We provide expert advice and services for companies of all sizes.


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Harper Lawrence Financial provides clients with marketing, SEO, branding, rebranding, and all other services to help your business stand out from the rest. Harper Lawrence can assist with website design, advertisements, and other items that help you not only reach your local target audience but will also help you reach a growing market when your business is ready.


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Harper Lawrence Financial wants to help you simplify your payroll and HR services. HLF provides clients with background checks, assists in the scheduling of drug tests, verifies I-9, and ensures that other pre-employment items are performed. Once an employee is selected, Harper Lawrence Financial will help you streamline your onboarding and payroll process. HLF helps companies experience the way payroll is supposed to work.



Whether your company is in its infancy stages, or is mature, or even at the final stage, Harper Lawrence Financial can help you achieve your goals in any phase. With experience in valuations, acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, client intake comparisons, expansions, and organic growth, HLF can help your company move to the next level.


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Harper Lawrence Financial knows how daunting it can be to start your own company. Get expert advice on setup and professional coaching to launch and grow your business.


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For most companies, audits can be a source of worry and stress. Harper Lawrence Financial will ensure that your financials are accurate and in accordance with GAAP and other accounting requirements. Let Harper Lawrence not only set you up for success, but let HLF organize the audit plan, prepare deliverables, and serve as the liaison between your audit firm and your company.


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Harper Lawrence Financial knows that planning is a vital part of running any business. Without a budget to guide your spending, companies can over-extend themselves if they don't accurately analyze their performance and adjust. Additionally, circumstances change, which causes the budget to become outdated, and a revised forecast can help your organization react to those changes armed with the information you need.


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Our approach at Harper Lawrence Financial allows us to get to know you, your business, your industry, and your challenges to assist you in taking effective action to improve cash flow in the short and long term.


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Harper Lawrence Financial provides our clients with a range of customized services, that are not only tailored to their industry, business size, and vision, but also able to be verified and recorded. We specialize in documenting workflows, standard operating procedures, accounting manuals, and employee files. That coupled with our on-site notary will provide your business with the support to provide standards and guidelines, and certify it if needed.


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Harper Lawrence Financial provides clients with customized accounting systems support from assessment to implementation. Our cloud-based, affordable systems implementation solutions will be tailored to your company's needs and budget.

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