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Sandbag Logistics LLC

Sandbag Logistics is a startup company whose breakthrough innovation is a proprietary, fully automated, ZERO human labor system that produces filled sandbags, in mere seconds. Their solution is ruggedized, trailer-portable, and can be utilized at the location of most need. By using computerization, they fill bags quicker, more consistently, and at lower costs than other industry methods. Because the system is engineered to require no human participation, it virtually eliminates the risk of persons incurring injuries while filling bags, thereby reducing employee liability for the customer. Due to the nature of the traditional method of filling sandbags, this liability is inherent to this and many other systems requiring manual labor. Sandbag Logistics’ process also touts an environmentally friendly output, as the specialized, custom-made bags used in the technique are made of a biodegradable material, which allows the sandbags to be absorbed into the land over time. The company is known for its efficient and reliable operations, by employing a fleet of specialized equipment and devoted logistical resources to ensure that sandbags are filled timely and accurately. Sandbag Logistics prides itself on its commitment to safety, both on the road and on job sites, and its team of experienced technicians works to ensure smooth and seamless inputs and outputs. The owners of the company have received recognition for their exceptional service and have a strong reputation within numerous industries.

Keith Blaylock, Founder

Stuart Gulotta, President

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